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While impact investing has experienced significant growth globally, Indigenous-led enterprises generally remain under-represented and under-capitalized. This is especially true in Canada, where access to appropriate capital and capacity building support is critical to building a vibrant and sustainable Indigenous economy.

‘Taking Steps’ aims to help break down these barriers and unlock more capital for Indigenous-led enterprises and business owners in Canada, and to share our findings and recommendations widely to benefit and inform investors and asset owners across Canada.

SVX is pleased to have initiated this project, driven in in large part by discussions within its community of impact investors to identify areas where there is interest in taking collective action to address key challenges in the social finance sector in Canada. Throughout this work, we have actively engaged with leading foundations, family offices as well as institutional and individual impact investors, and look forward to continuing to collaborate with asset owners to help create awareness of and generate more interest in the need for private capital to support Indigenous enterprises.

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